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Music Sheets

Regulation - Live Division

Before Submission:

*Applicants age 18 and up may enter more than one category. The application and fee for each category need to be submitted separately.  

*All applicants can apply for both Live and Online Competitions.

*Application must be submitted by July 5 (9 PM PST). Submissions must be on time to be accepted.

*A nonrefundable application fee of 150 USD is due with the application (170 USD for Professional Artist Category).

*The preliminary video should be uncut and unedited (without effects, zoom, titles, or fades). The contestant’s face and hands should be visible at all times.

*The video recording should be of good technical quality (no dynamic compression)

*The video should not be older than six months at the time of application

*Only piano SOLO repertoire will be accepted.

*All pieces must be performed from memory.

*Whether to take repeats or not is up to the contestants.


After Submission:

*Preliminary Round decisions will be made, and Invitations to the Semi-Final & Final Rounds will be sent by July 14.

*Judges will invite up to 10 contestants from each category to the Semi-Final and Final Rounds in Los Angeles on August 19-20.

*Selected contestants from Young Musician I & II, Emerging Artists, Professional Artists, and Professional Composers will perform in both Semi-Final and Final Rounds. Selected contestants from Prodigy and Junior I & II will perform only in the Final Round on August 20.

*All the Semi Final And Final Rounds programs can either be the same as the Preliminary rounds or different. (contestants from the Professional Artist category will prepare a 15-20 minute recital program. Repertoire played in the preliminary round can be repeated). 

*Only solo piano repertoire will be allowed. No concerti. 

*All Music Must be performed by memory in live round.

*All the First, Second, and Third Prize winners will be invited to perform the winner concert at Carnegie Hall in NYC.

*All decisions made by the judges are final.

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