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Piano Lesson

Vivi Li

The Royal International Piano Competition Vivi Li

Born in Nanchang, China, Vivi Li (Pianist) showed great interest in music at the age of 5, and started to learn piano since then. She has been trained by famous musicians and piano instructors in China for many years. After graduation from Wuhan Conservatory of Music, China with a Bachelor degree, she went for further study in the US at KSU, and succeeded in taking a master degree in Piano Performance.

While in school, Vivi got plenty of awards and took an active part in various music events. During college, she won the “Silver award” of “ The 11th Art of Festival of World Chinese Adolescents” in China. In 2015 and 2016, she held two degree recitals and were judged great successes. In addition, she participated in variety of music ensembles: cello, bass, violin, voice and four-hands.

With a deep love for music teaching and professional knowledge in music performance, she started her career in 2018, founding YY Piano Studio in Los Angeles. As principal, she leads by example as a patient, creative, innovative and confident person, influencing the rest of her team. Adhering to the philosophy of focusing on children's piano enlightenment and happy learning, her team adopt a private one-on-one teaching model for flexible and interesting teaching work.

In recent years, lots of students from her school successfully passed the piano exam test and won various tournament awards in the American piano professional competitions held by California music association and other powerful organizations. The excellent service and carefree academic environment here are well received and loved by the parents of the students.

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