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Piano Lesson

Sophie Keyu Liu

The Royal International Piano Competition Sophie Keyu Liu

Sophie Keyu Liu is an experienced music composer and professional piano teacher with extensive experience in the field of film scoring, music composition, and piano. She was born in Beijing, graduated from the Master's program of Music Composition for the Screen at Columbia College Chicago, and also earned a Master's degree in Electronic Music Composition from the Central Conservatory of Music in China, where she received a full scholarship. In 2019, she won the Best Original Music Award at the Rome Independent Film Festival.

Sophie began studying piano at a young age and in 2006, she studied traditional theoretical composition with Mr. Siren Nadamid, a Chinese ethnic music composer. In 2008, she was admitted to the Composition Technique and Composition Theory program at the Central Conservatory of Music in China, where she extensively studied various forms of Chinese ethnic music theory and performance styles, establishing a solid foundation in Chinese ethnic music. Her works include the song "Yearning for Tanggula," the quartet "Baroque Style," and the graduation work "Impression of Beijing." During her time at university, she formed her own band and served as a keyboardist for various commercial performances.

In 2012, Sophie studied electronic music with Professor Zhang Xiaofu at the Central Conservatory of Music and in 2013, she was admitted to the Electronic Music Composition program at the Composition Department, where she received a full scholarship and studied under the guidance of Professor Guan Peng. That same year, she was admitted to the Music Composition for the Screen program at Columbia College Chicago.

During her graduate studies, Sophie delved deeply into the academic and commercial fields of electronic music composition and film scoring, particularly through her exposure to Hollywood film scores and game music during her time in the United States. She studied with Hollywood composers Kubilay Uner, David McHugh, and Andrew Edwards, further honing her compositional skills and creative methods. She later interned at the studio of renowned Chinese-American composer Wang Zongxian in Hollywood. Sophie is now based in Los Angeles, where she has established her own original music studio.

Sophie Liu has achieved several academic accomplishments including completing several electronic music works such as "Listen", which features piano, percussion, and electronic music, "Misty Chant", a pure electronic music piece, "Residual Sounds", which combines flute and electronic music, and another pure electronic music work "Restless Sound". She has also recorded original cello and orchestral works in studios in Chicago and Los Angeles, collaborating with renowned conductors, mixers, and pianists. In 2017, Sophie Liu completed and published her graduate thesis "The Application of Spectral Morphology in the Film Gravity", showcasing her professional ability in the field of film scoring.

Furthermore, Sophie Liu's is a professional music educator with a large following of students seeking to learn piano, music theory, AP music courses, and professional composition skills. She has the ability to tailor her teaching to each student's individual needs and provide clear and concise guidance. Liu has successfully mentored numerous students in their applications to prestigious music schools, helping them to pursue careers in the music industry.

Sophie Keyu Liu's is a highly accomplished composer, film scorer, pianist, and music educator with a wealth of experience and expertise in various fields of music. With her extensive knowledge, technical skills, and creative approach, she has garnered numerous accolades and awards in the music industry. Sophie Liu is also a dedicated music educator who has successfully coached many students in various aspects of music education and helped them achieve their goals of pursuing music professionally. Her passion for music, coupled with her exceptional talent and dedication, make her a truly inspiring figure in the music world.

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